Sunday, May 2, 2010

Brick 5 - Update

I am not very good at this blog thing but I will work on it. We are still working on his room but should be done very soon. I am getting more and more anxious about him coming. We just can not wait!!

Here are two pictures of me at 30 weeks and 32 weeks. I am at 33 weeks and can't believe how fast the last trimester has gone.

Out of order but the top is 32 weeks and the bottom pic is 30 weeks. I will post pictures soon of my last 3 showers. I had a church shower last week that was given by some wonderful friends and then I have a school shower this week and then a Houston shower this weekend. We have been so blessed by all our friends and family!

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sharon said...

look how cute you are! i am coming to abilene on the 10th and really want to try to come over to dallas. we need to bump bellies. :) love you!

erin f. said...

So cute Katie!

He will be here so soon. I am jealous that you said the third trimester is flying by, I think I counted every second for the last couple of months!

Kyla said...

I am so happy for you that you are getting to have so many showers! So fun. I wish I could come and see every cute little baby boy thing that you are getting. You know that I am going to have to come see you and that baby once he's born don't you. Yep, just get ready!

Maddie said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I just found your blog from Sharons. You look great!!!!

jaymie said...

I thought you were already on my google reader and you just weren't posting. then i realized i was MISSING THEM!!! Oh my goodness I love your belly so much. I'm jealous the boys got to see each other last weekend. miss y'all like crazy. i still haven't told kanyon that will is so close to coming. I want him to enjoy his final weeks as your one true love.

allyo said...

I just happened to stumble upon your blog, and I must admit I am thrilled that I did. I had NO idea that you were expecting, much less only weeks away. We miss you and Paul so much. Please keep in touch!