Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brick 4 - 30 weeks

Well, I am 30 weeks almost 31 weeks (tomorrow). I can't believe we are 9 weeks away from having little Will. We are busy getting things ready for his arrival and can't wait for him to get here. His room is coming together and I will post pictures of his room soon.

I took my glucose test a week ago and found out yesterday that I failed it. So, I had to go in today and do the 3 hour glucose test. We will find out tomorrow if our eating habits have to change. Since I knew I would be at the doctor for a long time today I decided to start reading a book that had been given to me by my mom and sister (since I have been pregnant I have not wanted to read much and this is the first book I have read while pregnant). They told me I just had to read it because I would love it. This book was recommended to me about 7 years ago from one of my college roommates (Chels). I told her that I think it would be a little too boring for my liking (don't worry Chels, I told my mom and sister the same thing). I am a little too picky and when it comes to covers of books if I don't like the cover I won't read it. However, I started it and I am really liking it. The title... "Redeeming Love". I am now a fan and can't put it down (except to update my blog). I know that was all random but if you haven't read it you need to read it.

Here are a few pictures of my growing belly.

30 weeks

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Mallory Leigh said...

You are just the cutest pregnant lady EVER! I can't get over it! And yea for finally starting Redeeming Love, you won't regret it!

Ashley said...

You look great Katie! I'm so glad you started a blog, can't wait to see your little boy!

erin f. said...

Oh Katie you are just so cute! I wish I could hug you!

I feel like so many people fail the glucose test, I am feeling confident that you do NOT have the Diabetes and that you are doing just fine!

Reedeming Love is SO good, one of my favorites.

sharon said...

i failed it the first time. too, when i was pregnant with merit. i am definitely not looking forward to it this go-around.

you look absolutely adorable, as i knew you would. love you!

Kellee said...

you are too cute!! can't wait for the little guy to arrive :)

oh, and Redeeming Love is one of my favorite books; i know you'll love it too!

Sally said...

Katie, you look so cute! Love little baby Will already, can't wait to meet him!! So sorry you had to do that long test, no fun!

Kyla said...

I can't get over how cute you are!! And, I'm not a big reader either but I read that book when Ava was a baby and I was bored sitting in a hotel room while Alan was doing an away rotation... Anyway, LOVE that book!