Monday, May 17, 2010

Brick 6 - April/May

I can't believe how fast April and May have gone. I think being a school teacher helps the time to fly by. This is officially my last week of school. I am taking the last two weeks off to rest and get ready for Will. Oh, how excited I am!

This past month we have been busy with baby showers. We truly have been so blessed by our families and friends. We had a Houston baby shower that was perfect in every way. I got to see some people who I haven't seen in a long time. It was good to see everyone!

Here are the sweet hostesses from my Houston shower
The Girls
Paul and I and all our gifts
Before I left for Houston my 5th grade team put together a wonderful school shower. Again so blessed by everyone! I have a picture of my whole 5th grade team but it is not showing up.

My sister Mal and I
The other shower I had was my church shower. My family came in town for this one too. It is so amazing to see how much love everyone already has for Will. He is one lucky little guy!

My sisters, mom, Bailey, and Logan (he loved Mal's hair)
All the wonderful hostesses
Every year Paul and his college buddies get together for a baseball weekend. This year they decided on St. Louis. I love how they enjoy this time with each other. The next few years will be a little tricky with all the babies (maybe they will start taking the kids with them and then all the moms can get together for a spa weekend. I think this is a GRAND idea. I'm sure all of them would agree.)

Paul and all his buddies
And finally the 35 week picture. Will continues to grow each day and moves around constantly. I am starting to think he is running out of room in my stomach. It is amazing how much he moves around every day. I always thought I would have to worry about counting his kicks and making sure he was getting his 10 kicks in a day but don't worry because he doesn't stop.

35 weeks and growing
We can't wait for everyone to meet Will!


jaymie said...

YEAH FOR WILL!!!! You look great Katie! I can't WAIT to meet him!!!!

sharon said...

you are getting SO close!!! i wish i could come snuggle him when he gets here...we'll just have to snuggle each other's babies sometime next fall maybe? ugh, that seems forever away! miss you. love you. you're the cutest.

Chels said...

Oh. MY. GOSH!! You're pregnant!

Every once and a while it hits me and makes me giddy with excitement! And this blog made me feel that way! SO happy for you, CANNOT wait to meet Will and hug you both and my goodness you're one cute pregnant lady!

Love you