Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brick 10

I can't believe it has been 5 months since my last post. The past 5 months have been an adventure for us...

-We all went back to school and work on the same day in August (on that day we found out we had a water leak in our house and had to move out for 2 weeks. We stayed with our amazing friends the Pearsons and can't describe how blessed we were by them) That was a great way to start the new school year.

-Then my sister moved to ROME (not Texas Rome)!!

-Paul and I took a trip to Portland, Oregan for his cousin's wedding. This was our first time away from Will. He was only 5 months at the time. My wonderful parents came and stayed with him for those 4 days. He loved spending time with them and did GREAT! Paul and I on the other hand had fun in Portland but were so ready to get back to Will.

-Will is the BEST baby in the world and we could not ask for anything more. He has really helped me get back in to the routine of school by sleeping through the night and being a good baby all the time. He loves his teachers and friends at school and is doing WONDERFUL with them. They all love him (but really who wouldn't). It was hard at the beginning to drop him off at school but knowing that he loves interacting with all the other kids really makes it ok. I still get sad dropping him off in the morning but there is nothing better then picking him up after school. He always has the biggest smile and laugh for me when I get there and I just eat him up every day. We have so much fun with him and love watching him grow. He is one LOVED guy!

-I will leave you with pictures of the past few months.

6 weeks old to the day

2 months old

3 months old4 months old5 months oldWedding in Portland, ORWill's First Christmas ProgramAsking Dad if he did good in his performance
6 months old

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Mallory Leigh said...

Finally! I was so excited to see a new brick! I miss that little guy soo much! Give him a big hug and kiss from me! Okloveyoubye

Kyla said...

Yay!!! I love seeing new pictures of little Will. He is SO CUTE! You are bringing him to Kasey's wedding right? Good, because I want to eat him up, too!!